Home to the Rhône via Barcelona

My first tour without a firm objective. I knew I wanted to start from my front door and meet up with my family somewhere in the Ardèche. Barcelona seemed like a reasonable intermediate destination, but the rest was pretty much à la carte.

The resulting -less thorough than usual- planning was noticeable, as the route featured more major roads than I would normally prefer, and even turned around and bit me on the day two when I needed a train to complete the second half of the route.

However, there were still plenty of opportunities to bask in the quality of the French road network and many pleasant surprises, as towns I had given scant regard while planning the route turned out to be fantastic places to visit.

Particular highs were La Rochelle, Brouage, Auch, Barcelona (obviously) and the Mediterranean coast. The major lows were Andorra which, I suggest, is best avoided at all costs and the grim, but unavoidable, Mistral!

Day 1 Log Bourne End to St Malo18/07/07120 KM120 KM
Day 2 Log St Malo to Nantes19/07/07108 KM228 KM
Day 3 Log Nantes to Rochefort20/07/07180 KM408 KM
Day 4 Log Rochefort to Carcans22/07/07130 KM538 KM
Day 5 Log Carcans to Nerac23/07/07175 KM713 KM
Day 6 Log Nerac to St Gaudons24/07/07137 KM850 KM
Day 7 Log St Gaudons to Tarascon25/07/07102 KM952 KM
Day 8 Log Tarascon to Andorra26/07/0793 KM1045 KM
Day 9 Log Andorra to Claramont27/07/07154 KM1199 KM
Day 10 Log Claramont to Barcelona28/07/0760 KM1259 KM
Day 11 Log Barcelona to St Felu30/07/07122 KM1381 KM
Day 12 Log St Felu to Cerbere31/07/07121 KM1502 KM
Day 13 Log Cerbere to Beziers01/08/07137 KM1639 KM
Day 14 Log Beziers to Valliguieres02/08/07161 KM1800 KM
Day 15 Log Valliguieres to St Sauveur03/08/07130 KM1930 KM
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