Another shorter than expected tour, this time in Switzerland, generally following Veloroute 2 (the Rhein Route) from Basel past Rheinfall, Bodensee, Lichtenstein and Chur to Andermatt via Oberalp pass, then over St Gotthard pass and onto the Italian border.

In what seems to be the theme of his years tours, events conspired to thwart the original plan of connecting July's tour (Copenhagen to Freiberg) with it's intended destination: Venice.

Firstly EasyJet managed to loose my bike for a day, which required the start to be moved to Basel. Then a freak, non-cycling related, knee injury on the third evening left me unable to bend my left leg which, I came to realise, meant the only way I was getting to Venice was by train.

Despite these unfortunate events (and the fact that it rained solidly for two and a half of the four days on the bike), it was still an enjoyable tour with some great sights and new personal achievements.

Quite where this years events leave my plan of a three part North to South of Europe is unclear, but then the planning is half the fun!

Day 1 Log Basel to Daschen17/09/06109 KM109 KM
Day 2 Log Daschen to Vaduz18/09/06151 KM260 KM
Day 3 Log Vaduz to Hospental19/09/06138 KM398 KM
Day 4 Log Hospental to Bellinzona20/09/06104 KM502 KM
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